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Respecting the environment: IMV exchanges old amplifier for environmentally friendly amp with ECO technology

More and more companies pay attention to their environmental footprint. IMV is aware of the environmental impact of their products. The company offers its customers the opportunity to upgrade their existing vibration test system and thus save a lot of energy and money. “We will change your amplifier for a new, greener model with ECO technology”, says Martin Engelke, Marketing and Sales Manager, IMV Europe Ltd. The new amplifier helps to reduce the power consumption of the vibration test system. The system is quieter and more efficient – thanks to a software that will automatically optimize the power consumption. “During the vibration test, the power consumption is automatically optimized. The operator doesn’t have to do anything”, continued Martin Engelke. As a further incentive, IMV offers its new amplifier customers a 4-channel vibration controller K2 for a reasonable price. The exchange offer is aimed at all companies using a vibration test system – regardless of the manufacturer.

IMV is working on energy-saving technologies for Electro-Dynamic shaker (ED shaker) for many years and thus reflects the wish of many customers to reduce the emission of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases in the long term. The Japanese company is ISO14001 certified. For more information and data on the replacement amplifier: technical details.