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IMV Europe Ltd has installed the first two major ECO-Shaker successfully

The EM 2605 and EM 2506 shakers (with inbuilt large slidingtables and expander), were delivered in early June to Paconsult GmbH in Hamburg and the Swiss branch of the Hanseatic laboratories where they are now in operation. The IMV-systems will be in use inter alia for aerospace specification and package testing. In this case displacements required by up to 100 mm (for example windmill tests). “We have used our advanced technology knowledge to meet increased requirements in aviation authorization. At the time, the demand for resource-efficient technology which meets our patented ECO technology has increased significantly”, says Martin Engelke, Dipl. Ing., Marketing and Sales Manager for IMV Europe Ltd.

The two systems were shipped from Japan to Europe by containership. Due to the heavy weight transport by air was impossible. After all, justone of the two Eco-Shaker weighs nine tons. By comparison, a full-grownbull elephant weighs 7.5 tons on the scales. “The installation of a shaker takes about a week”, said Martin Engelke. In addition to that, the final inspection takes some time to complete. Therefore the high quality standards of all parameters such as stroke, speed and acceleration (up to 857 m / s 2- about 87 times the celebration of gravity!) must be proven. After installing the systems IMV Corporation is responsible for the device.

The ECO technology provides control of the fan for the shaker through field adjustment and speed so that it supplies only the energy that is needed for the test. Because of this modern technology companies can save costs and energy. It will also avoid excessive heating of the shaker or unnecessarily high fan speeds. This protects materials, reduces the noise and the air flow rate, significantly in some cases, thus extending the life of the machine and improving working conditions. The ISM (Integrated Shaker Manager) also makes a fault diagnosis easier and stand still time scan thus be easily avoided. Overall, as the availability of the system is increased, you will see reduced maintenance costs and how secure your investment is.

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