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On board: Detlev Engel is the new IMV Europe Sales Engineer for shaker systems

On board: Detlev Engel is the new IMV Europe Sales Engineer for shaker systems

This is a new and exciting challenge for the highly professional salesman from the German Sauerland region, in what is a step-up for Detlev Engel. From 1 October, this experienced engineer and passionate motorcycle rider joins the European sales team of IMV, the Global market leader from Japan for shaker systems. In an interview, Detlev explained why he particularly enjoys this new challenge.

Detlev Engel is highly experienced in the shaker industry. He is the father of two grown-up daughters and has been working as a sales engineer for well-known companies in environmental simulation since 2000. In his spare time he likes gardening and to discover the Sauerland riding his Honda motorbike.

Looking at your new job, what appeals to you most?
Detlev Engel: I see IMV as a newcomer to the German-speaking countries with a huge potential, provided a wide circle of potential customers can be made aware of and familiarized with IMV’s unique know-how. I would like to make a contribution to this.

What will be your job within IMV in the future?
Detlev Engel: I will act as contact for all customers in my sales territory. I will also keep track of tender web-portals, develop offer documentation, tap new sales channels and win new customers. I see myself as a coordinator for customers with systems across several product lines (e.g. chamber, noise insulation, heat load, HVAC).

What about your education and later your professional career?
Detlev Engel: I have worked as a Sales Engineer in the field of environment simulation since 2000; my focus was on machine controls of electrodynamic vibration systems. It started with my training as an electrical fitter, then as a technician. In my early years, frequent contacts with different groups of people were very significant and important for me. Then I continued my technical training as a state-certified electrician and enhanced my professional qualification as the basis of my studies in electronics at FH (University of Applied Sciences) in Cologne, from which I graduated as engineer..

After successful graduation, I worked in the semiconductor sector and performed maintenance and repair jobs of electronic measuring and control devices, flow controllers for process gas control, as well as HF generators. Later I was also responsible for product training projects for customers and new recruits.

I was then moved from Service to Sales within the same company. As a Sales Representative, I had frequent contacts with customers in Germany and the neighbouring countries.

What is so fascinating for you in environment simulation?
By simulating environmental effects you can ensure the quality and reliability of technical products, identify weaknesses and extend the lifecycle of a product. With our electrodynamic shakers, we make products safer and extend their life.

What is the advantage of an SME for you?
The fascination about my new job is the challenge of attaining market leadership in Germany with a successful Company such as IMV. A company in the process of development involves a lot of options, freedom and decision-making channels are usually short. This is where I believe I can make a major contribution with the experience I have.

What is the biggest technical achievement for you?
The Number One source of energy of modern times is electricity and the resulting technical innovations such as telephone, radio and television, computers and the internet. These factors are central to the world in which we work and have moulded the face of the last one hundred years.

You can contact Detlev Engel by mail detlev.engel@imv-tec.com . More information about our vibration systems can be found at www.imv-tec.com/solutions/ .