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Replacement amplifier with ECO technology needs less power

Replacement amplifier with ECO technology  needs less power

Electrodynamic shakers are energy-hungry. IMV constantly worked towards reducing that hunger and keeping consumption levels low. One energy-saving option is to replace the old amplifier and install a new amplifier with integrated shaker management (ISM) technology from IMV. Prospects and customers will find comprehensive information and technical specifications on the new website.

Replacement Amplifier

Replacement amplifier needs less power

Thanks to most advanced ISM technology, the electrodynamic vibration generator comes with distinctly improved energy efficiency. It consumes less electricity, power consumption is reduced and the noise level of the fan in air-cooled systems is lower. At the same time, the high stability of the replacement amplifier is surprising.

Retrofits all shaker systems

The ISM technology can also be retrofitted to available vibration test systems from other suppliers. Only the amplifier must be replaced and additional software installed in the computer for the vibration controller. Replacement of the old amplifier is quick and simple. Contact us directly.