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IMV will install a water cooled large vibration test system with a force rating of 350 kN at automotive development company in Germany

IMV will install a water cooled large vibration test system with a force rating of 350 kN for Sine and Random and 900 kN for Shock-Testing at a major automotive and battery development company in Germany this year.

The shaker will be equipped with a large slip table (2 x 2 m and 1.2 x 1.2 m) and head expander (2 x 1.6 m and 1.6 x 1.2 m) and also come with a sealed chamber floor, so that the chamber can be sealed from the environment in case there is a problem with the DUT (i.e. battery starts burning).

With the different sizes for the slip table and head expander, it is possible to split the expander and the table. So that the user can operate the system with two different sizes with different moving masses. This allows the customer to setup the system for either smaller batteries and high acceleration test levels or large batteries which have lower acceleration test levels. This is expanding the usability of the shaker system and allows the customer to use the shaker for even a wider range of test applications.

Also important for battery tests is the ECO-Technology with its automatic energy saving. As for battery tests the shock test level is high – a large shaker is needed. But then for Sine and Random, the test levels are relatively low. Whenever the shaker is big compared to the test profile, it is possible to save a lot of energy and with this increase the profitability of the shaker system with the IMV patented ECO-Technology.

The customer installing a K350 is the global engineering company. Their main business is a developing and evaluation of the automotive components. They have chosen our IMV shaker as one of the most critical test equipment for Batteries and E-motors expected the increasing demand in the near future.