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Squeak & Rattle noise tests for vehicles

Squeak & Rattle noise tests for vehicles

By using IMV shakers, you can conduct Squeak & Rattle noise studies on vehicles and simulate different situations. Thanks to the extremely quiet shaker, acoustic experiments can be carried out with high accuracy.

The test system for Squeak & Rattle tests in the automotive industry

The Czech specialist JD Dvořák together with the University Ostrava and AVMVision developed its own installation of a vibration system for customers from the automotive industry. The Squeak & Rattle test system consists of two IMV vibration systems, model m120/MA1 with a force of 1.2 kN each and an IMV K2+ vibration controller in the specially developed Squeak & Rattle application. The two shakers can be operated alternately, which has the advantage that no complex conversion is required for different tests, but the direction of excitation can simply be changed using the corresponding shaker. Both shakers have an internal cooling fan that can be switched off for acoustic experiments in this experimental setup. Since the shakers work very quietly, the system is suitable for acoustic squeak & Rattle noise tests. The IMV K2+ vibration controller enables a variety of different profiles that map different driving situations, for example random-shaped profiles, sinusoidal profiles or mechanical shocks. The entire system is built in an acoustic chamber and can make even the smallest of noises recognizable.

Noise tests for electric vehicles are becoming increasingly important

This type of test is becoming increasingly important as the requirements for interior noise in electric vehicles continue to increase. Where the combustion engine used to drown out many noises and a certain squeaking and rattling was accepted because it was not audible while driving, this is not the case with fully electric vehicles. Using the described Squeak & Rattle tests can be used to test all vehicle parts and any interfering noises can be recognized and eliminated.

The background noise has an influence on the sales success of a vehicle that should not be underestimated, because any disturbing noises and unpleasant creaking, rattling or squeaking during a test drive quickly indicate inferior quality or workmanship. The more important are effective and accurate Squeak & Rattle tests during vehicle development.