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How ECO-Shakers save CO2 and thus protect the climate

How ECO-Shakers save CO2 and thus protect the climate

For more sustainability, the most efficient use of resources is an important part of every strategy. Thanks to IMV’s patented ECO technology and the associated reduced power consumption, IMV products have already saved a considerable amount of CO2 worldwide. Recently it could be calculated that since 2009 a total of over 35,000 tons of CO2 could be saved . The calculations are based on an average annual usage of 2000 hours and an average load of 50% of the nominal load. In the meantime, all ECO systems operated worldwide can save around 815 tons of CO2 per month .

ECO products from IMV thus save direct costs in the form of electricity costs for operating the test system and indirect costs because the costs for air conditioning in the laboratory are also reduced, as the products also emit significantly less heat than comparable devices. They therefore make an important contribution to global environmental protection. In total, more than 64,000 megawatt hours of electricity were saved in this way.

Just at the time of its introduction, competitors began to have doubts about the effectiveness of the ECO product line, but initial measurements on customer test systems actually operated under everyday conditions were able to confirm the consumption figures.

More and more customers are choosing products from the ECO line

While the share of variants of the ECO line was at around 13 percent in 2009, the percentage of ECO shaker systems sold has risen continuously since then. In 2020, over 70 percent of our customers opted for ECO-Shaker and thus for lower operating costs and more CO2 savings.

What does 35,000 tons of CO2 mean in comparison?

The media often speak of tons of CO2, but this information is usually difficult to grasp, since air is initially of no weight for the layperson. So it helps to relate these numbers to other values. 815 tons of CO2 savings, for example, correspond to about over two million miles of an average car every month or more than 100 million smartphones that are fully charged. (Source: epa.gov )

Why is CO2 so important?

At only 0.04 percent, carbon dioxide makes up a very small proportion of the air, but it still has a strong influence on the overall climate. According to the Federal Environment Agency, CO2 accounts for over 80 percent of greenhouse gases in Germany alone and is more difficult to reduce than methane or nitrous oxide.

The more CO2 there is in the air, the warmer it becomes on earth. The earth’s atmosphere prevents the sun’s thermal radiation from immediately escaping into space by reflecting part of it again. Decisive for this are the greenhouse gases and their composition and this is where CO2 has the strongest effect.

What is the carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint is the carbon footprint of a person, an activity or an action. The CO2 footprint can be specified for companies or production processes, for example. Even individually, each product has a CO2 footprint, which includes the sum of all emissions associated with the manufacture, use and disposal of the product.

For companies, the CO2 footprint has become an important indicator of their commitment to sustainability. Thus, the CO² emissions also contribute to the external impact of a company. In order to reduce the CO2 footprint, not only must large sources of consumption be reduced, but optimization measures must be sought in every detail. In this way, IMV’s ECO products do their part to reduce a company’s CO2 footprint.

CO2 emissions worldwide

The increase in global CO2 emissions has slowed significantly in recent years because the industrialized countries in particular cause fewer emissions. At the same time, however, this positive trend is being offset by rising emissions in many developing and emerging countries. Thus, CO2 emissions are driving global warming forward. Although the corona crisis ensured that global CO2 emissions fell in 2020, this could only be a short breather. This makes climate-friendly technologies, such as energy-saving solutions such as IMV ECO technology, all the more important.

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