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Webinar “Vibration Testing for Expert”

Webinar “Vibration Testing for Expert”

IMV (THAILAND) CO., LTD. offers a course for vibration test professionals’ continuing education. We provide 2nd Vibration Testing Webinar.  The course will enhance you and your lab become more efficient and knowledgeable in the vibration test.

Webinar information

“Vibration Testing for Expert”

Date :   27th Nov. 2020 (Fri),

Time :  10.00 A.M.

Duration : 45 min.

Outline   :

  • Technical terms and mathematical formula for SINE
  • Technical terms and mathematical formula for RANDOM
  • Resonance survey method
  • Control method (Single/Multi, Weighting)
  • Fixture response at different control points
  • Frequently Asked Questions at IMV lab
    – Dominant conditions in jig design
    – Fixture resonance check
    Language  :        Thai
    Recommend participants :  – Test designer
    – Over 5 years vibration test experience

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    Don’t miss this good opportunity.