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Challenges to be Addressed

We have long established ourselves as a leading company in the comprehensive environmental simulation industry by developing, manufacturing and selling vibration-related testing systems and measuring equipment, as well as providing consulting services for vibration problems. In order to achieve further business growth and improve customer satisfaction, we recognise and address the following eight key targets.

Production system

We are working with our partners to innovate production technology and establish measurement technology to strengthen our production functions. This will ensure product quality and realise competitive costs and lead times.

Cost reduction

As we outsource many components, except for critical parts, it is important to reduce costs throughout the supply chain, including our partners. By incorporating the opinions of partners from the design stage, the Group will strive to design products that can be produced efficiently at low cost.

Human resource development

With the establishment of overseas subsidiaries and overseas offices, the Group faces the challenge of securing personnel who can play an active role in the global market. Therefore, we will strengthen language training for existing personnel and recruitment activities for personnel with extensive overseas experience. In addition, the Group will actively provide skills development training to cultivate personnel with leadership and proactivity.

R&D structure

The R&D system will be strengthened to realise a near-future vision in the field of vibration testing, measurement and analysis, and R&D will be promoted in collaboration with domestic and foreign research institutions. Furthermore, the R&D functions of vibration simulation systems and measuring systems will be centralised in Osaka to promote new product development in pursuit of synergies.

Management system

In addition to disclosing accurate information in a timely manner, we will strengthen our administrative structure to prepare for compliance with international accounting standards and to develop strategies for the effective utilisation of our assets.

New business

As existing markets tend to mature, it is essential to expand into new business fields to ensure sustainable growth. R&D and marketing functions will be strengthened through alliances with leading companies, etc.

Overseas expansion

There is a shift overseas, mainly in the automotive industry, not only in terms of production systems but also in terms of development systems. As many of the Group’s products are used in the research and development stage, it is assumed that overseas sales will grow in the future, and the Group will work with local companies to establish sales, service and production systems.

Profit distribution

We recognise that returning profits to shareholders is an important management issue, and our basic policy is to pay stable and continuous dividends while securing internal reserves for future business development and strengthening the management structure. Internal reserves are used for capital investment and research and development to strengthen development and manufacturing systems, and are effectively utilised to strengthen the management base and further develop the business.