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Basic Policy on Building Internal Control Systems

For many years, we have developed, manufactured and sold test system and measurement system related to vibration, and have also provided Operate in consulting on item issues. Through these efforts, we have established a solid position as a leading company in the comprehensive environmental simulation industry. In order to further grow our business and improve customer satisfaction, we recognize the following OOE as key issues and will respond accordingly.

System for ensuring that the directors conform to laws, regulations and the articles of incorporation in the execution of duties

To ensure that the Company’s business operations are conducted properly and soundly as a whole, the Board of Directors shall strive to establish an effective internal control system and a system to comply with laws and the Articles of Incorporation as a whole by the Company, from the viewpoint of further strengthening corporate governance.

Structure and System to Maintain and Manage Information Relating to Directors in the Execution of their Duties

The minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors, ringi forms, and other documents and electromagnetic records relating to the execution of duties shall be appropriately retained and managed in accordance with the Company Rules and Regulations.

Systems for managing risks of loss including the relevant internal regulations
  • Efforts shall be made in advance to establish a system to prevent and minimize Enlarge、Magnify、Zoom in of damage in the event of unforeseen contingencies or the possibility of them occurring.

  • Operate appropriate confidentiality control and personal information security control in accordance with internal regulations.

System for ensuring efficient execution of Directors’ duties
  • In January 2002, the Company introduced an executive officer system to separate decision-making from business execution, thereby improving the efficiency of decision-making by directors.

  • The Board of Directors meets once a month on a regular basis and as needed as a basis to ensure that directors perform their duties efficiently. The Board of Directors decides on matters stipulated by laws and regulations as well as important matters related to management, and supervises circumstance of the execution of duties.

  • Ensuring a system in which duties are executed appropriately and efficiently in accordance with job authority and decision-making rules based on internal regulations.

  • Executing duties to achieve reference in accordance with the formulated medium-to long-term management strategies.

Systems to ensure appropriate compliance with laws, and Articles of Incorporation concerning the performance of employee’s duties.
  • In order to conduct fair activities in compliance with the rules of society, we will clarify the Code of Conduct in accordance with the laws and the Articles of Incorporation in our internal regulations and ensure that all employees are fully aware of the Code of Conduct.

  • Strengthen the general affairs and legal departments to enhance the compliance system.

  • In accordance with internal regulations, the Company shall protect whistleblowers and establish a system for responding appropriately in a transparent manner.

  • Inspection circumstance of compliance in the internal inspection.

  • Outside experts shall be appointed as necessary to prevent violations of laws and regulations and the Articles of Incorporation from occurring.

System to ensure the appropriateness of operations in the corporate group consisting of us and group companies
  • Regarding the management of affiliated companies, while respecting their autonomy, we will regularly report on the content of our business and hold preliminary discussions on important matters.

  • Our executive officers are responsible for the management of affiliated companies and are responsible for the overall management of our business.

  • The parent company’s internal inspection is also applied to the subsidiary. Operate.

Inspection Matters concerning the appointment of an employee who is to supplemental his/her duties, and matters concerning the independence of such employee from the directors.

Considering the current size of the company, we do not currently have an independent staff member to inspection & Supervisory Board Members who should supplemental their duties. However, the Internal inspection Office will be commissioned by inspection & Supervisory Board Members and will supplemental the duties of inspection & Supervisory Board Members as appropriate.

System for Directors and Employees to Report to inspection & Supervisory Board and System for Reporting to inspection & Supervisory Board Members

Directors and employees shall report to inspection Executive Board without delay if they become aware of the following: Decisions that have a significant impact on the business and organisation shall also be reported to inspection & Supervisory Board without delay.

  • Serious violation of laws, regulations, articles of incorporation, or misconduct in connection with the execution of duties

  • Fact which may cause significant damage to the company

  • Facts reported under the internal reporting system

A system to ensure that inspection by inspection & Supervisory Board Members is conducted on effective
  • Inspection & Supervisory Board shall meet as much as possible with the Representative Directors to exchange views on the Company’s operations separate from the business report and to communicate with the Representative Directors.

  • Inspection & Supervisory Board Operate to exchange periodically views with inspection Corporation and the Internal inspection Office, which are in charge of accounting inspection.

Basic Concept and System Development for Elimination of Antisocial Forces

Our basic policy is to take decisive action against antisocial forces and organizations that threaten the order and safety of society and to blocking any relationships. In addition, the police will cooperate with external specialist organizations such as police and legal counsel as necessary to respond in an organized and prompt manner.

Cautionary Statement

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