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All about EMC Test

What is a EMC Test?

“Testing related to electromagnetic waves (noise) from electrical and electronic products.” In addition, the following two tests are composition.

  • Emission (EMI) Test

    Turns evaluation whether the emitted electromagnetic waves fall within the limits determined by test standard.

  • Immunity (EMS) Test

    Turns evaluation the likelihood of unexpected operation due to electromagnetic waves.


Emission (EMI) and immunity (EMS) are also called EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility).

Why EMC Testing is Required?

Electrical and electronic products generate electromagnetic waves when they operate.
This interference may cause malfunction of other electronic equipment, or in turn may cause function interference or damage due to electromagnetic waves generated by other equipment.
When commercializing electric and electronic products, it is necessary to conduct EMC tests to confirm that they are not adversely affected by electromagnetic waves and that they are resistant to electromagnetic waves.

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Flow of EMC Test

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EMC Test of Automotive Equipment

It is no overstatement to say that recent automobiles are lumps of electrical parts.

These components do not simply Control each function to drive a car, they also provide supplemental to the driver’s operation, improve driving security, or provide informational input to the driver.
These include radio communications, sensor detection, image-recognition, and in-vehicle networking Control.In order to achieve a function without malfunction on earth, it must be demonstrated that the tester can withstand various environmental conditions.

One of these is “Electromagnetic resistance”.There are various types of electromagnetic waves on the earth, even if it is called “electromagnetic resistance”.
By clearing all tests simulating these environments, the car will prove its ability to drive safer.

EMC test is to confirm this electromagnetic proof strength.Testing of EMC is broadly divided into two.
“Emission Test (EMI)” and “Immunity Test (EMS)”.

Emission is a object emission test that tests the magnitude of external noises.
The immunity tester is designed to be object and tested for external immunity.

EMC Test Specification List

  • Automotive Equipment

    Test name compatible test standard
    Emission Test Radiation Emission CISPR25/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
    Conducted Emissions (electric current)
    Conducted Emissions (voltage)
    Magnetic Field Emission MIL STD461 RE101/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
    Transient Emission ISO7637-2/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
    Immunity Test ALSE ISO11452-2/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
    TEM Cell ISO11452-3/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
    BCI ISO11452-4/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
    Stripline ISO11452-5/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
    Magnetic Field Immunity ISO11452-8/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
    Antenna-proximity ISO11452-9/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
    ESD ISO10605/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
    Square Wave Noise Testing Vehicle Manufacturer test standard
    Transient Immunity Test ISO7637/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
    Voltage Variation Test ISO16750/
    Vehicle Manufacturers test standard
  • Generic EMC

    Test name Compatible test standard
    Emission test Radiation emission CISPR11, CISPR32, FCC Part15B, IEC/EN61000-6-1, 3 ETSI EN 301 489-1, etc
    Conducted emissions (power supply)
    Conducted emission (signal)
    Harmonic IEC/EN61000-3-2※In preparation
    Flicker IEC/EN61000-3-3※In preparation
    Immunity test ESD IEC/EN61000-4-2
    Radiated immunity IEC/EN61000-4-3
    Fast transient burst IEC/EN61000-4-4
    Surging IEC/EN61000-4-5
    Power supply frequency magnetic field IEC/EN61000-4-8
    Power failure/DIP IEC/EN61000-4-11

    Test standard of EN50121-3-2 (railroad equipment) and IEC/EN60945 (ship equipment) is also supported as a product test standard.

Overseas Laws Andregulations for Electronic Equipment

When exporting electronic equipment and radio equipment from Japan to foreign countries, the requirements for EMC testing, radio testing, and safety testing have been legally regulated by the laws and regulations of the country where they are exported, and compliance with test standard and regulations of object is Must.
Depending on the export destination, EMC, safety, and radio certification are required, or only safety certification is required, and their response varies depending on the country and region.

IMV’s EMC test facility “e-TCJ” strongly supports these certifications and acquisitions.Reduce the burden on corporate personnel involved in communicating with organizations in various countries.

Country-Specific Electronics Regulations

e-TCJ is capable of all regulatory certification and acquisitions.

  • Japan Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, Radio Law, Telecommunications Business Law, Medical Administration Law, VCCI *Voluntary Regulations
    Canada ISED
    EU CE
  • China CCC、SRRC、NAL
    Taiwan BSMI、NCC
    Korea KC/KCs

High-Quality EMC Testing of IMV

EMC testing requires a sophisticated technical force as it measurment invisible electromagnetic waves.

e-TCJ manages and tests EMC testing of Must worldwide in e-mobility by more than 20 years of carrier experience.
In addition,Mazda Corporation officially approved it as a “MES67602D accredited testing laboratory.” (Go to the Japanese website)

Since the tester is capable of testing devices other than in-vehicle devices through its own networking, be sure to inquiry the tester without fail for EMC testing, certification, or certification.

Terminology of EMC Test

Radiative emission Externally radiated electromagnetic fields are outside test standard limits evaluation
Conducted Emissions Evaluation that the conducted noises that overlap power supply harness of the DUT do not exceed test standard limit.
ALSE (Antenna-I​rradiated) Conduct field-coupled radiation tests to evaluation for unexpected operation and immunity
TEM cell Evaluation of unexpected operation level and interference rejection capability by conducting radiation tests with minimal effect of field coupling
Stripline Transmission path for transmitting electromagnetic waves having a structure in which a linear conductive foil is formed
Antenna proximity Radio waves emitted from the antenna of a radio device that is supposed to be used in a vehicle are irradiated in the proximity
BCI(bundle electric current injected) Evaluation immunity of harnesses connected to the test piece when strong electromagnetic field noises are induced
Magnetic field immunity Evaluation the resistance of the study piece to exposure to strong magnetic fields.
ESD (Electrostatic Breakdown Test) Evaluation the breakdown resistance of semiconductors and electronic parts subjected to electrostatic stress.