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Policies and Initiatives

Basic Sustainability Policy

Basic Sustainability Policy①


Basic Sustainability Policy②

Secure the Future 

IMV contributes to the safety and security of the world through its business and contributes to the realization of a sustainable society.
People who work at IMV are always aware and proud that all operations lead to the safety and security of the world.


IMV Initiatives

Contributing to SDGs

Corporate Activities IMV Initiatives
Business Activities Vibration Test Systems
  • Develop ECO-shaker
  • Environmental considerations and waste reduction throughout the product life cycle
  • Developmental study and Innovation Based on vibration Technologies
Test Laboratory
  • Improve manufactured products security by providing testing facilities
  • Advanced Testing Operate Utilizing Expertise
Measuring Systems
  • Strengthen and disseminate disaster prevention function through manufacturing and sales of seismometers, structural health monitoring, etc.
  • Improve safety of preventive maintenance through vibration sensor and sales at plants, etc.
  • Improving Governance
  • Diversity of human resources and creation of a rewarding work environment

Initiatives in the Medium-Term Management Plan

Technology Promotion Management

Target Technological development and economic growth through the promotion of innovation
Initiatives We will actively collaborate with external companies and universities on our accumulated knowledge and knowledge of our vibration technologies and Operate joint research to promote innovation.

Vibration Test Systems

Target Reduce the generation of waste
Initiatives Promote the proper use, control, and maintenance of vibration test machines through the introduction of IMV clouds (self diagnosis function) and strive to reduce waste on a preventive maintenance basis.

Test Laboratory

Target Promoting the Use of Clean Energy and Controlling Traffic Accidents
Initiatives Work on the shift to clean-energy use and the control of traffic accidents by vehicles by developing products in the automotive industry, particularly by conducting tests in developing EV.

Measuring Systems

Target Strengthening disaster resilience and adaptation force
Initiatives Through the sales of seismic meters, we can promptly identify damage in the event of an earthquake disaster and improve force of responding to earthquakes through appropriate evacuation guidance based on data. It also expands access to seismometers through the development of low-cost models.