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Quality Management

Quality Control

We pursue the highest quality for products and provide our customers with the best service.

IMV thinks that it is our duty to provide and maintain the highest quality in design, production and performance for every product we produce.
To support this principle, IMV has implemented the most stringent quality control standards. The Osaka factory was awarded ISO9001 in 1997, International Standard of Quality.
Besides quality control, IMV gives high priority to technical support. To maintain the reliability of products longer, maintenance and periodic checks on our products are executed by highly skilled and fully trained engineers.
IMV periodically holds seminars on vibration and demonstrates the techniques and know-how we have developed.

The Osaka factory has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

Quality Policy

  • We provide products and technologies edge over competitors.
    Focus on customers, comply with laws and regulations,ensure reliability, and improve continuously

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