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IMV Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy)


IMV CORPORATION(hereinafter referred to as “we”, “our” or “us”) has always recognized that information that can identify customers individually (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) is important to customers and has endeavored to properly manage such information.
In recent years, there has been an increasing need to strengthen the management and protection of personal information in response to the repeated leak of personal information and the enactment of the Personal Information Protection Law. Therefore, in order to ensure that our customers can use our website with peace of mind, we have established the following privacy policy for our customers’ personal information and posted it on this page to help our customers understand it.

Collection of Personal Information

Normally, you do not need to reveal any information about yourself, such as your name, to access this site.
However, in some cases, you may need your personal information, such as your address, name, and e-mail address, in order to receive more than a certain amount of service.
Personal information obtained from customers will be handled strictly in accordance with our Personal Information Protection Regulations.
If you do not agree to provide us with your personal information, you may refuse to provide your personal information.

Use Purpose

In order to provide the products and services required for each customer by analyzing the information obtained from the customer, such as browsing History and purchasing History, we sometimes use the information to inform the customer of new products and services in order to improve the service to the customer.
When we use customer data for new purposes other than those listed above, we will inform you of this in advance.
If you do not agree to a new purpose, you may refuse to use it.

Provision to Third Parties

Even if you provide personal information, you will not disclose personal information to any third party without your consent. Provided, however, that in order to achieve the above purpose of use, personal information may be disclosed to outsourcing companies that have concluded confidentiality agreements. Even in such cases, the Company shall comply with the rules and regulations concerning personal information, manage such information, and assume the obligation to comply with the personal information.
In addition, in the following cases, information may be disclosed without notice to the customer. When he/she is required to use or provide such information pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations.When the prior consent of the customer has been obtained.

Management of Personal Information

We have established the Basic Policy on Information Security as a policy for information security.
We will implement appropriate and required safety measures against the risk of leakage, loss, or damage to personal data.
We use a variety of cloud services in the execution of our operations.
In the cloud services we use, the countries where personal data may be stored are as follows.

About Using Cookies

There is a technique called “cookie (cookies)” that can be used to provide selected information from a website to individuals.
A cookie is a composition element of data that you can send from your website to your browser and may be stored on your system.
This website may use cookies for the above purpose and obtain browsing History, etc. You can set up your browser to notify you that the cookie has been sent or choose whether to receive the cookie.
However, if you do not accept cookies, some information may not be available.

About Google Analytics

Our website uses Google’s “Google Analytics” access analysis tool.
If you use Google Analytics on our site, you use Cookie to collect data and collect, record, and analyze your visited History on this site.
We receive analysis from Google and understand your visiting circumstances on this site. Your information collected, recorded, or analysis by Google Analytics does not include any information that identifies a particular person.
They are also managed by Google in accordance with its privacy policy.
You can also stop gathering customer data through our Google Analytics use by turning invalid Google Analytics on the browser’s add-on set up.
You can disable Google Analytics by downloading and installing Google Analytics opt-out add-on on Google opt-out add-on download page and changing the browser add-on settings.
For more information on Google Analytics terms of use, seeGoogle AnalyticsTerms of Use and Google’s Privacy Policy.

Inquiry on Personal Data

If you wish to inquire about, correct, or delete your personal information, or complain about the handling of personal information, please contact the inquiry below.
We will respond within a reasonable period of time only if you are able to confirm that you are yourself.

Other Items Confirmed

  • We are not responsible for the safety of personal information within other sites linked from this site.
  • This privacy policy may be revised in order to enhance the safety of customer personal information and in accordance with revisions to applicable laws.

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