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About company

BMW is a German car manufacturer with the headquarter in Munich. At a volume at 2.5 million vehicles produced in 2019, BMW is one of the 15 biggest car manufactures in the world.

Customer challenge

To secure the durability and quality during the development of new cars, BMW performs most of their shaker tests by themselves.

IMV solution

BMW produces mostly luxury cars for a special marked segment with a highly demand of quality. The same standard expects BMW from their suppliers. IMV is one of the biggest shaker manufactures in the world, with well-known incredibly high Japanese quality combined with innovative features. These mixtures persuade BMW to choose IMV K080/EM10HAM once again as their preferred shaker supplier. BMW has once chosen K-series EMK1256S40H shaker before.

(EMK1256S40H was also sold in 2015)

Customer benefits

The intuitive usage combined with robust and modern technology supports the BMW test demand in the vibration test field.

The patented IMV Smart-Eco technology helps BMW to save CO2 and energy costs to meet their climate goals. In addition to this brings the Integrated-Shaker-Manager (ISM) extra information and benefits to the user of the system.

K-series(High-Excitation Force Water Cooled Range)

K-series, high-excitation force water-cooled vibration simulating test systems fully developed by IMV.
Advanced performance from the K-series will significantly improve the test environment.

What is the eco function?