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m060 with slip table Osaka Electro-Communication University

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About company

Osaka Electro-Communication University, Department of Architecture

Professor Tsuji

In the field of building construction, the company specializes in “hybrid seismic isolation and vibration control structures” that combine seismic and vibration control technologies to create safer and more secure buildings.

Customer challenge

We needed a shaking table in order to reproduce the shaking and breaking of a building when it is subjected to an earthquake, to discover new phenomena, and to verify numerical simulations.

For example, we have been testing the seismic response inversion phenomenon, which occurs when a damper breaks during an earthquake in a building with dampers, and the response to the earthquake is greater than if the damper were not originally installed.

Reproducibility is one of the most important aspects of the test. What we mean by “reproducibility” is that the results of the test yesterday are the same as the results of the test today under the same conditions.

The IMV shaking table has a high level of reproducibility, which is not affected by the operating environment, and thus enables us to conduct verification experiments with high accuracy.

The other is “seismic wave reproduction”. In order to reproduce on the table the waveforms obtained from an actual earthquake, it is necessary to ensure the targeted displacement. (Displacement control)

IMV solution

About Reproducibility

The IMV’s Electrodynamic vibration test system uses electrical signals to control vibration. Therefore, the degree of reproduction does not change from day to day, and precise vibration control is possible. The equipment is highly regarded for its ability to reproduce vibrations with high precision.

About seismic wave reproduction

In addition to acceleration control, where acceleration values are used for vibration control, we have responded to the demand for displacement control using displacement values. The laser displacement transducer makes this possible. By enclosing the transducer inside the vibration table, it does not interfere with sample installation and has a neat appearance.

Customer benefits

The importance of earthquake-resistant design can be realized by reproducing the actual phenomenon of how a building collapses in the event of an actual earthquake.

m-series (Low Acoustic Noise and Compact Range)

・Quiet design with built-in cooling fan

・Power amplifiers are highly efficient and space-saving

・Compact design saves space

・Portable vibration generator