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About company

This company manufactures in-vehicle equipment and uses vibration test systems to confirm the resonance state of the specimen and evaluate vibration durability performance.
They already own 5 test systems and are operating 400 hours a month on average.
Even if you are driving on a weekday’s day and night, you can see that it is always in full operation even if it is 528 hours/month.

Customer benefit

The ECO-Shaker introduced this time automatically performs the optimum energy saving operation according to the test conditions, the weight of the specimen, etc.,
It is displayed on the screen so that you can see the effect at a glance.
Therefore, it turned out that the power consumption was reduced to about 1/3 of the conventional one.
Three ECO-Shakers can be operated with the electricity consumption of one conventional machine, which is popular for customers as having great economic effect.
In addition, when calculated as the CO2 reduction effect, the reduction is about 2 ton/month.
It will be equivalent to the amount discharged from the household of 4.6 households if it is annualized.