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Tests on large railway vehicle articles according to JIE 4031 Annex JA using the large 6-DOF vibration test system

  • Vibration test case study
  • Railway
  • 6 degree of freedom tests(6 DOF)

Test overview

■ Purpose

JIS E 4031: 2013 corresponds to IEC 61373 Edition 2.0, and in this case the test was carried out according to the Annex JA sine wave vibration test method.


VVVF inverter equipment W800 × L2800 × H675 mm, approx. 500 kg.

■ Test conditions

Applicable standards: JIS E 4031: 2013, Annex JA, Class 2B
Test sequence: Tests were carried out in the following sequence in the vertical, forward/backward and left/right directions respectively.

  1. Resonance test: 1 – 5 Hz, 10 mmp-p, 5 – 30 Hz, 9.8 m/s 2 p-p, logarithmic sweep 1 round trip
  2. Vibration endurance test: 10 Hz, 3.5 mmp-p, 4 hours up/down, 2 hours left/right, 2 hours front/rear 2 hours
    *If there is resonance, vibration is also applied at the resonance frequency based on the standard.

■ Features

・The EUT is directly suspended and mounted on the vibration table, so there is no need to produce a large test fixtures.
・The 6-degree-of-freedom vibration test system reduces the time and effort required to change the direction of excitation.

Resonance test target graph

Test image


Facilities used

Vibration test system: TS-9600-40L
Vibration controller: K2 software Multi-Sine
Monitor measurements: acceleration and strain

Test time

2 days (3 days including preparation and clean-up)
14 hours (5 hours/day × 2 days + 4 hours preparation and clean-up)