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Series of environmental tests on LED lights

  • Vibration test case study
  • JIS standard
  • Railway
  • Random and shock

Test overview

■ Purpose

To receive bulk orders and respond to environmental tests not limited to vibration tests related to LED lights. (We will conduct the test with a partner company depending on test conditions.)

We can handle not only items related to testing, but also measurement items associated with pre- and post-testing, etc. We can also handle electrical and physical tests in batches.


Lighting for railway vehicles

■ Test conditions

-Environmental tests
Vibration and shock (JIS E 5006), low temperature start-up, high temperature start-up, temperature and humidity cycles, high temperature and humidity operation, etc.
-Electrical tests
Power supply voltage fluctuation test, withstand voltage test, power interruption test, etc.
-EMC tests
Radio frequency immunity test (JIS E 5006), radio frequency emission test (JIS E 5006)
-Physical tests
Anti-scattering test (JEL218 5.3), fire prevention standard for railway vehicles (non-flammable), etc.
Voltage measurement, leakage current measurement, insulation resistance measurement, temperature rise measurement, lock strength measurement, etc.



Facilities used

A55S/SA5HM, SMS-21, CYP-200, anechoic chambers, shielded rooms, etc.