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Squeak & rattle test

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  • Squeak and rattle

Test overview

■ Purpose

To measure, analyse and compare the noise during vibration by shaking the fixture alone and with the EUT installed.


Car audio
Dimensions: W178 × D172 × H50 mm
Mass: 0.8 kg

■ Test conditions

[ Vibration frequency range ] 10.0 – 200.0 Hz
[ Acceleration level ] 0.5G
[ Test time ] One way, one time
[ Vibration direction ] Up and down direction

Test image

Analysis screen


Facilities used

Vibration test system: m120Q/MA1
Vibration controller: K2 software SINE
Sound level meter :LA3650 made by Ono Sokki
Sound analysis software: Oscope2 made by Ono Sokki

Test time/working hours

8 hours/7 hours