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Products attached to passenger car bodies test 1

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Test overview


In-vehicle electronics 70 mm × 100 mm × 50 mm, 0.8 kg, 6 pieces combined environmental test with random vibration and temperature cycling.

■ Temperature cycles

5 cycles per axis of random vibration under the conditions shown in Fig. 1. (below): Temperature cycles of products attached to passenger car bodies

■ Random vibration

Fig. 1 Temperature cycle|Fig. 2 Requirement PSD

20 h/axis × 3 axes with PSD in Fig. 2: requirement PSD of products attached to passenger car bodies



Facilities used

Temperature, humidity and vibration combined environmental test system: i220/SA1M/C
Vibration controller: K2 software Random
Cubic fixture: TCJ-B150-i20-A 3.5kg, adapter plate 1 kg, 5 pieces.

Test time

5 hours/3 day and night