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Damping characteristic tests on bellows piping units

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Data provided by Techno flex Corporation, Test concept by IMV CORPORATION.
IMV’s vibration specialists carry out in-depth studies so that even complex concepts can be realized.
In many cases, we are able to carry out tests that other companies have deemed unfeasible, so please contact us for more information.

Test overview

■ Purpose
Obtain damping characteristics of bellows piping units and confirm actual values → Determine the direction of product improvement.

Bellows piping unit

■ Test concept and conditions
The current testing system was modified based on IMV’s dynamic spring test system, making use of the experience gained to date.
We also proposed a test concept in line with the customer’s requirements in terms of damping characteristic evaluation conditions.

■ Fixtures
We have utilized our fixtures design know-how to handle everything from examination to production. We have examined and analysed the fixture characteristics to ensure that no unexpected data are output.

Test state (case study courtesy of Technoflex Co., Ltd.)


facilities used

Vibration test system: EMK1252/EM22HM/H15
Vibration controller: K2
Test fixture: designed and manufactured by IMV CORPORATION