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Verification of vehicle interior noise

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  • IEC standard
  • Vibration test case study

Test overview

■ Purpose

Reproduce vehicle running vibrations using several small testing machines to check interior noise, interior creaking noise, etc.


Finished vehicle *The image is below.

■ Test conditions

Measured road noise
Acoustic evaluation by microphone, sensory evaluation in seating, etc.


Input vibration can be easily switched between general roads, highways and rough roads simply by operating a PC.
Repeated measurement is possible.
Pulsation conditions can be changed arbitrarily, e.g. single wheel, front wheel, four wheels, simultaneously, etc.

EUT: Front-wheel vibration/Four-wheel vibration


Facilities used

Compact vibration test system: m-series
Acoustic measurement equipment: microphones, sound level meters, measuring instruments ( DS-3000 made by Ono Sokki), acoustic analysis application (Ono Sokki O-scope made by Ono Sokki)