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Interstellar Technologies

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Installation date
August 2020
System model

About company

Interstellar Technologies (IST) is a rocket development company based in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, Japan.

The mission is to “create a future where everyone can reach space” and “make space more accessible and easier to use. IST’s mission is to make space more accessible and easier to use.

IST was established with the aim of creating the world’s smallest and most affordable rockets, lowering the barriers to space and making it more accessible.

Customer challenge

In addition to the MOMO observation rocket, which has already been launched several times, we knew that the development of Rocket Zero, which aims to inject a nano-satellite into orbit, would not proceed smoothly without an evaluation facility.

Until now, we have been using a public institution in Hokkaido.

However, the amount of time spent on scheduling and travel was becoming a bottleneck in the development process.

By having our own evaluation facilities, we aimed to speed up the development cycle.

IMV solution

IMV came into contact through an IST partnership program called “Rocket Partners for Everyone”.

The IMV provided support and advice on vibration testing in the test lab and on test methods.

During this interaction, the IMV provided the following support

  1. Introduction of equipment to reproduce the vibrations before reaching space
  2. Advice on the reproduction of vibration, shock and sound stress.

Customer benefits

Compared to the time when we had to use public institutions, we gained the great advantage of being able to evaluate our products on the spot.

This has been a major improvement which has enabled IST to develop and manufacture products more quickly, which is one of our strengths.

Also grateful for the advice we can get on evaluation methods other than vibration testing.