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FEV: Order for shaker from world’s largest battery centre

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Installation date
February 2020

The customer’s business field (how company FEV is)

FEV has been an engineering partner in many industries, contributing to the development of cutting-edge technologies.

One of their particular focuses is the automotive industry.

In 2020 FEV established the world’s largest battery evaluation centre in Brehna, Germany.

Amongst the many pieces of machinery, the IMV K350 shaker is the focus of attention.


Background why the customer needs vibration shaker and how test they would like to do?

In Europe, where the shift to EVs is accelerating, the demand for battery development and evaluation is increasing every year and FEV has built a new test facility for battery testing to meet the market demand.

In order to meet the market demand, FEV built a new test facility for battery testing. The testing of lithium-ion batteries, with their explosion and fire hazards, required large vibration testers and high capacity chambers with safety features.

Why FEV decided to choose IMV?

FEV’s requirements were to test large battery packs safely and accurately, and to be able to perform complex tests in combination with a chamber with a large capacity and a wide temperature range (-40 °C to +100 °C). IMV, with its extensive experience in the field of battery testing, was chosen to meet these requirements.

IMV solution (how IMV system could solve the FEV problem? or how system IMV can provide?)

FEV wanted a system that could carry out all the tests on the battery.

IMV met the customer’s requirements by docking a large table and chamber to the shaker.

The customer was also satisfied with the safety concept of the direct horizontal and vertical connection between the chamber and the shaker.

IMV has been in full operation almost every day since its installation, contributing to the evaluation of the new batteries.

You can find the IMV vibration test system on the FEV website.


K-series(High-Excitation Force Water-Cooled Range)

K-series, high-excitation force water-cooled vibration simulating test systems fully developed by IMV.
Advanced performance from the K-series will significantly improve the test environment.

What is eco shaker?