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J-series shaker in the air taxi industry

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About company

Secret company in the air taxi industry.

What did sound like science fiction only a couple of years ago, like using an all-electric jet with great range, speed, noise and cost to fly wherever you want and whenever you want – is becoming real. Developing a jet that brings all this together is certainly a challenge and requires a lot of hard work, visons, and great ideas.

Our customer is developing a jet that is meeting all this expectations and requirements.

Customer challenge

During the lifetime of all flying vehicles like airplanes, air taxis, or rockets, those are continuously stressed by vibration during the start procedure, during the flight and the landing procedure.

To simulate these vibrations already from the first development cycles, electrodynamic shakers are used to better understand the impact of those expected vibrations, the fatigue the vibration is causing and the generally dynamic performance of all components.

IMV solution

The shaker systems from IMV are supporting the international test standards like RTCA DO-160 to meet the customers test requirements and to help to make the flight safer. It is also possible to use customized test procedures and test profiles, totally shaped towards the customer requirements and needs.

Customer benefits

The huge experience from IMV in testing airplanes, is a massive benefit for customers in areas where new technologies are explored. IMV is supporting those applications and helping to utilize and to apply the existing knowledge and the proven technologies for the future products.

All for an easy take off and a safe flight.

J-series(Large-Displacement Range)

Long duration shock tests require high velocity and large displacement.
J-series is a high-functionality system that offers usability and durability furnished with functions that accommodate high velocity and large displacement testing.