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About company
This company is a parts manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles

For saving electricity

They were worried about the vibration test which consumes a lot of electricity.
Therefore, they gave great expectation to the ECO-shaker that can run the IMV automatic energy saving operation.
In addition, purchasing decisions made it possible for the shape of the chamber to cope with complicated loading routes to the testing room.

Customer benefit

The vibration controller K2 can perform the vibration test only by inputting the necessary minimum information. They were also very pleased about the gentle user interface.

The energy conservation effect are listed below.
The vibrator is running continuously, so they got big energy saving results.

■ Elapsed time 11,000 hours (vibration test), 22,000 hours (chamber)
■ CO2 emission reduction amount: 43.23 tons
■ Savings amount: 1,204,654 yen
■ Power saving: 77.9 kW

Vibration controller K2 with gentle Interface

The K2 can perform vibration tests with the minimum information required. They are very pleased with the ease of use.


K2 is a vibration controller combines the latest technology with full functionality.
Complex tests can be easily set up and performed.