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Tests on actual transport vibration measurement and test programming

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Test overview

■ Purpose

In official standards such as JIS, conditions for the vertical direction are described, but not for the front-back or left-right directions. Many small cardboard-packed products are not affected by the transport posture, but there are also many large products and products that are not designed for the vertical direction. In order to assess horizontal vibration as well, test conditions were developed.

■ Example of a measured PSD

It can be seen that the characteristics and vibration levels are different in each direction. (see graph below).

■ Test conditions (calculation of RMS values)

The test time and levels were determined in consideration of the transport distance, acceleration (reduction of test time), road surface, speed and other running conditions, such as Gr.
*Shown in the table below.
Although many tests are carried out for each axis, simultaneous shaking of three axes is more effective.

Measurement image

Example of measured PSD

Test conditions