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Automobile actual wave reproduction tests

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Test overview

■ Purpose

To confirm the driving safety of each component by conducting vibration reproduction tests using actual measured waveforms from vehicles (destined for overseas).


Automobile W2000 × D1500 × H1500 1300 kg (including dummy mass)

■ Test conditions

[Target waveform] Waveforms measured on actual vehicles using rough road waveforms measured overseas (see graph below).
[Note] Before the above test, a resonance exploration test was conducted to confirm the resonance frequency.
[Atmosphere temperature] Room temperature

Target waveform graph

Test state (Case study provided by Uzushio Electric Co.) 


Facilities used

Vibration test systems: K200/SA36M/HT15
Vibration controller: K2 software Shock
Fixture: wheel fixing fixture

Test time

7 hours/1 day