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Vibration test of battery packs for electric vehicles 1

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  • Vibration test case study
  • Reproduction of actual wave

Test overview

■ Purpose

Structural verification of the battery pack using a 6-DOF test system, based on data obtained from actual driving.
Test conditions images are below.

■ Test condition

Based on data obtained from actual driving, continuous vibration for several days was carried out using a 6-DOF testing system.
Vertical vibration × 4 data, Front-back vibration × 2 data, Left-right vibration × 2 data
Measurements were carried out by attaching 25 strain gages and 20 accelerometers to the inside and outside of the EUT.

1. Waveform image is for illustration purposes.
2. Waveforms were edited and tested within the equipment capacity.

■ Safety solutions

  1. Battery voltage is monitored and the test is automatically stopped if there are any fluctuations.
  2. Strain and acceleration values are monitored and the test is automatically stopped if there is a deviation from the threshold values.
  3. Fire extinguishers and scrubbers are deployed.
  4. Low SOC testing.

Test state image

Example graph of target waveform


Facilities used

6 DOF: TS-9600-40L