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Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC)

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Installation Date
October 2020
System model

Note: There is a time lag between the installation of the product and the release of the information, due to the need to obtain permission for release of details.

About company

Established in 1997 as a joint venture between GM (USA) and SAIC (China).

At the time, the company invested approximately $300 million to build a vehicle testing facility.

The company develops, designs, and tests automobiles in general, and aims to improve its product appeal in the Chinese market by incorporating interior and exterior features that suit the tastes of the Chinese people, rather than introducing the specifications of foreign cars as they are.

In particular, the company has recently been focused on the development and testing of new energy vehicles (NEVs) and continues to invest aggressively in the introduction of state-of-the-art equipment.


Customer challenge

This project is crucial for accelerating the shift to EVs in China, and will be used to develop battery packs for large buses.

Evaluating the vibration durability of the unprecedentedly large Li-ion battery pack necessitated one of the world’s largest test stands and a large vibration generator that produces severe vibrations.

The shaker used by PATAC so far has had problems with operational stability, and there have been issues with managing the development schedule, such as delays in evaluation.

The selection of the shaker for this project was carefully reviewed by PATAC and GM USA  to ensure that the shaker would be more reliable and easier to maintain.

IMV solution

In order to meet the specifications required by PATAC, a project was launched to propose IMV’s largest model, the K350.

The K350 shaker is the same model that has been running at IMV’s Uenohara test facility for many years, and has good references  for testing large battery packs for EVs, power plant equipment,  and other large equipment.

This time, advanced engineering technology was required for the design of a new 3 × 3 m large shaking table to be attached  to the K350, as well as a thermal insulation system   to ensure  combined operation with a climatic chamber.

In addition, due to the strong demand from GM, it was necessary to provide an interface for the software to manage the entire system.

After careful checks between IMV’s software development team and the company that developed the integrated system, we were able to provide an environment where IMV’s K2 vibration controller could be operated on the integrated system.

Customer benefits

With this investment, PATAC was able to acquire one of the world’s largest battery pack testers. This shaker has enough room for battery packs, which are expected to become larger in the future, and can stably evaluate dynamic stresses under severe temperature conditions. The design of this shaker reflects the know-how and opinions of IMV’s engineers from the actual battery tests carried out at Advanced Technology Centre for Environmental Testing, and is the most suitable for battery pack tests. 

We believe that PATAC will contribute to the development of more reliable and safer new energy vehicles by using this shaker in the future.


At the time of publication of this article, PATAC is the only company in the world that possesses a 35-ton combined test rig with a 3 × 3-meter auxiliary table and charge/discharge capabilities.