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Tests on products to be installed in railway vehicles

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  • Vibration test case study
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  • Random and shock

Test overview


Communications equipment mounted under the floor of the vehicle body,

700 mm × 600 mm × H600 mm, 60 kg.

■ Applicable standards

Category 1 Class A of IEC 61373 Railway applications-Rolling stock equipmen-Shock and vibration tests Applies to products mounted directly on the car body.
Perform up/down, front/rear, left/right in each of the following tests and move on to the next test.

■ Lifetime test

5h for each axis.

Shock test

Half-sine 30 ms, up/down 30 m/s2, +3 times-3, left/right 30 m/s2, +3 times-3, front/back 50 m/s2, +3 times-3.

Functional test

Over 10 min

Fig. 1 Requirement PSD: IEC61373 / Fig. 2 Requirement PSD: IEC61373

Front-back / Left-right / Vertical


Facilities used

Vibration test system with slip table: i260/SA7M/HT10
Vibration controller: K2 software Random, Shock
Accelerometers: VP-32 × 4pcs.
Head expander: TBV-1200-180
Dedicated fixture: 91 kg

Test time

3 days, 9 hours.