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Random vibrations of JIS Z 0232 Annex A Table 1 are applied.
In courier services, it is not possible to specify which direction of the cargo is subjected to the vertical direction.
Therefore, there is a method of preparing three EUTs and applying vibration in different directions to each EUT, but assuming that in the case of courier services, the cargo is picked up and transshipped at the relay point and the orientation changes (the direction in which the vertical vibration is applied changes), it was decided to apply vibration in each direction to one EUT in turn for 30 minutes.

Test overview


Precision equipment in cardboard packaging, 500 mm × 400 mm × H300 mm, 30 kg, 1 piece.

JIS Z 0232 Annex A



Facilities used

Vibration test system: i220/SA1M
Vibration controller: K2 software Random
Head expander: TBV-630, 15 kg

Test time

12 hours