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Lithium battery temperature and vibration combined charge/discharge tests

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  • Lithium-ion battery temperature/vibration combined charge/discharge test

Test overview

■ Purpose

To check the functional performance of lithium batteries installed in electric and hybrid vehicles in a combined temperature and vibration environment for charging and discharging.
*Customers using our laboratory are assumed to use a safety device and to use a system that immediately stops testing in the event of a battery malfunction.


8-cell lithium battery, W190 × D200 × H120 mm (2 sets of 4 cells), 13 kg/piece (mass of fixture: 30 kg)

Test conditions

[Test time] 20 hours/direction
*The charge/discharge test shall be started 1 hour after the temperature reaches minus 40°C.

Test graph

Test image


Facilities used

Vibration testing system: i230/SA3M
Chamber: IMV-05111
Vibration controller: K2 software Random
Head expander: TBV-550S-J50

Test time

10 hours/3day and night + 1day