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MIG (migration) Tests

We can support your reliability testing with our IMV-developed migration tester.

Please contact us if you…

  • You have a requirement for more precise migration tests.
  • You want to carry out migration tests at the R&D stage.
  • There are not enough channels in the existing facilities.
  • You have a requirement for a migration test of more than 1,000 hours at HAST.
  • Consult with us about fixtures.

Example of a Test Product

  • 基板

    Electronic infrastructure

  • Semiconductor


  • Electric Vehicles

    Electric Vehicles

  • Electronic materials

    Electronic materials

  • Lithium-ion batteries

    Lithium-ion batteries


1-channel/1-power supply/1-measurement circuit method tester with no influence between samples

The MIG series has an applied power supply and measurement circuit for each channel separately, so that even if migration occurs in one channel, the other channels are not affected at all.

1-channel block diagram

サンプル間の影響がない1ch/1 電源/1 計測回路方式テスターを採用

Monitoring and control of applied voltage

The applied voltage at the individual soldering points for each channel is constantly monitored and controlled as per the set value.

1-channel block diagram


Accurately measures even high resistances of 1010Ω and above!

The use of a double-layer active guard cable* cuts out ambient noise and commercial hum. The accuracy of the migration test, which measures weak currents, is therefore greatly improved.

10 10 Ω以上の高抵抗も精度よく測定!

* Double Active Guard.

Coaxial cables used for measurement have the following two problems when measuring minute currents.

  • (i) Leakage current between the measurement line and the shielded line.
  • (ii) Influence on measurement due to capacitance between the resistance of the measurement line and the shielded wire.

We avoid these effects as much as possible by employing double-shielded wires in the measurement cable and also providing an active guard function. With this construction, the inner shield wire is controlled to be at the same potential as the measurement line, thereby counteracting the effects of resistance and capacitance between the measurement line and the inner shield wire. This eliminates the effects of (1) and (2) above.

Testing Systems

Reliability Evaluation Testing Systems


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