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H3 Rocket Launch Success: IMV’s Vibration Testing Technology Plays a Vital Role

IMV has been involved in testing H3 rockets for many years. As a result, the H3 Rocket Test Vehicle No. 2 was successfully launched on February 17, 2024.
We are immensely proud to have contributed to the success of this launch.

For more information on the second H3 Rocket (JAXA’s official website): https://www.rocket.jaxa.jp/rocket/h3/tf2_special/index.html

Drawing on our vibration testing technology developed over many years, we have contributed to product development in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, railway, and defense.
IMV’s vibration testing technology is essential for improving the reliability and safety of products.

IMV will continue to meet the needs of our customers and provide high-quality vibration testing services in the future.