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Vibration testing of on-board energy storage systems

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Test overview

■ Purpose

To check the damage to the EUT in endurance races using a vibration system, based on vibration data measured during actual driving.


On-vehicle energy storage device W400 × L700 × H300 mm, 65 kg

■ Test conditions

[ Target waveform ] Measured waveform
[ Test time ] 48 hours in each direction, equivalent to twice the actual running time
[ Atmospheric temperature ] Room temperature
[ Vibration direction ] 3 directions (left/right, back/forth, up/down) Direction switching is supported by the horizontal table.
[ Filter processing ] HPF 10 Hz, LPF 800 Hz.
[Note] Reproduced waveforms are processed to within the capacity of the equipment.

Test graph

Test image


Facilities used

Vibration test system: i260/SA7M/H12
Vibration controller: K2 software Shock
Head expander: TBV-950S-J50-M

Test time

22 hours/6 day and night