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Vibration Sensor with MEMS Accelerometer(VP-8021A / VP-8021B / VP-8021C)

Vibration Sensors

Vibration Sensor with MEMS Accelerometer
(VP-8021A / VP-8021B / VP-8021C)

Vibration sensor with a built-in MEMS accelerometer element that can measure up to high frequencies.
By mounting it on a circuit board using patented technology, it is possible to eliminate miscellaneous vibrations that occur and obtain vibration characteristics without resonance up to 10 kHz.


Sensor with high-frequency-compatible accelerometer (MEMS technology)

Mounting compatible with previous sensors

Small housing that can be installed even in narrow spaces (B type)

Small and lightweight

Cost reduction when ordered in lots

Fastening methods (A type/C type)

Fixing methods

Fastening methods (B type)

Fixing methods

Product lineup

Vibration sensor with MEMS accelerometer


Standard type of VP-8021 series that can be easily replaced with the existing vibration sensor

  • Small
  • Light


Slim type that can be miniaturized to the limit and can be installed in narrow spaces

  • Ultra-small
  • Light


Multi-type that supports vibration output due to voltage changes and installation surface temperature output

  • Small
  • Light
  • Water proof