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Servo Type Sensor

The servo type sensor is commonly used in earthquake monitoring and measurements of micro tremors on civil engineering structures due to its high sensitivity, stability, and accuracy in the lower frequency range compared to other vibration transducers.

  • スタンダードタイプ振動試験装置 i230/SA2M(水平補助テーブル付) i260/SA7M(振動発生機)
  • A motion is sensed by a displacement detector, a current is fed to the coil to get back the pendulum mass to the original position. This current will be proportional to the acceleration, that is converted to an output voltage. The servo type sensor is for the earthquake monitoring or measurements of micro tremor on the civil engineering structures because of its higher sensitivity and stability or more accurate phase responses in the lower frequency range than those of other vibration transducers.


Detectable down from DC

Advanced linearity and high resolution

High sensitivity and large output voltage

Excellent phase response in low frequency range

Stable operation because of armature flexure suspension free from friction or fatigue

Static sensitivity calibration is possible using the gravity acceleration

Long cable can be used because of the pretty low output impedance

Frequency response

Though the upper frequency limit of the servo sensor should be defined by the natural frequency of the pendurum that is affected by displacement negative feedback, it is actually limited by the installed low pass filter. Lower frequency components can be detected down to DC acceleration. However, lower limit will depend on the integral characteristic of the amplifier in case of convension to velocity or displacement.


Phase response

Phase response of the servo sensor is favorable down from low frequency area (almost DC)


Product lineup

Servo Type sensor

VP-5113 HHV ―Fixed on the ground―

  • Drip proof

VP-9462 HHV ―Fixed on the ground―

  • Water proof
  • General type

VP-9562 HHV ―Bore hole type―

  • Water proof
  • General type

VP-5232EX ―Fixed on the ground―

  • Flame proof