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Appreciation Letter from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency


弊社の動電式振動試験装置、慣性諸量測定装置を用いて、「あかつき(PLANET-C)」の評価、解析を行いました。「あかつき(第24号科学衛星: 計画名「PLANET-C」)」は観測波長の異なる複数のカメラを搭載して、金星の大気を立体的に観測する金星探査機です。2010年5月21日に種子島宇宙センターから打ち上げられました。

Akatsuki, also know as Venus Climate Orbiter (VCO) and Planet-C was launched on May 21st, 2010. In commemoration of 6th anniversary of the launch, IMV has received the letter of appreciation dated on May 20th 2016, thanking to our contribution to the development of Akatsuki project.

Using our electrodynamic vibration test system and an evaluation system for amount of inertia, we have evaluated and analyzed “Akatsuki (PLANET-C)”. Akatsuki is to study the the stratification of the atmosphere, atmospheric dynamics, and cloud physics by using five different cameras.