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Propeller aircraft rack-mounted electronics testing

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  • RTCA/DO-160D

RTCA/DO-160D Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment (http://www.rtca.org), 8.7 Robust Vibration Test Procedure-Fixed-Wing Aircraft: Curve M)

Test overview


80 mm × 220 mm × H150 mm, 6 kg

Dedicated fixture

14 kg

■ Critical vibration frequency *1 survey

Curve M, 1oct/min, 1 round trip (13min), 3 axes, monitoring changes in EUT operation during shaking.

■ Critical vibration frequencies

Two points in the X-axis, two points in the Y-axis and three points in the Z-axis were detected.
*1 Resonance frequency at which the vibration response exceeds 2 times, or the frequency at which a change in EUT operation occurs.

■ Critical frequency endurance test

The EUT was subjected to 30 min of excitation at each critical frequency, in sequence, in three axes.

■ Sweep endurance test

Curve M, 1oct/min, recording the response during shaking, investigating changes in resonance frequency and monitoring changes in EUT operation.
X-axis (3h-1 min-2 × 30min)=1h 47min Y-axis (3h-13min-2 × 30min) = 1h 47min
Z-axis (3h-13min-3 × 30min)=1h 17min

RTCA/DO-160D, Curve M Sine wave test conditions

Vertical vibration Z / Horizontal vibration X


Facilities used

Vibration test system with slip table: i220/SA1M/H6
Vibration controller: K2 software Sine
Dedicated fixture: 15 kg

Test time

8 hours/2 days