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Packaging Expert from Michigan State University, Professor Matt, Visits Japan for Inspection and Seminar

Rengo Corporation and IMV are committed to the development of the packaging industry by introducing the latest technology in the field of packaging. 22 March 2023., they invited Professor Matt, a packaging expert from Michigan State University, to hold a seminar.

The main purpose of Professor Matt’s visit to Japan was to inspect the large-scale equipment to be delivered to the university. However, he also conducted a seminar on the latest packaging technology for Rengoand IMV.

Forty participants gathered to attend his seminar, where the latest information, technology, and research results in the field of packaging were introduced. The lecture was lively, with many questions and answers.In the future, all companies will be required to reduce the amount of packaging materials with the aim of reducing their environmental impact, which will require research into the amount of packaging materials and methods of transport and packaging assessment.

IMV is pleased to have contributed to society by partnering with Michigan State University through Professor Matt. Rengoand IMV will continue to introduce the latest technology and work towards the development of the industry, in line with their corporate philosophy of “Secure the Future”.