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Spare Parts Center opened by IMV America in Detroit, MI

Spare Parts Center opened by IMV America in Detroit, MI

On July 10, 2019, IMV America opened up a secure stock parts location. The location is extremely convenient and is located right in the area where IMV has the most customers in America. Many customers in America tend to utilize their shakers close to their max specifications, so having parts stocked will eliminate the down time needed to get the customer’s machine back to operational. The stock parts location is also a short 1.7 Miles (2.7 km) from the service office in Detroit.

The stock parts contain many consumable parts for many different models, including most A series, K125, and the I and J series. Some of these parts include, but are not limited to, PSG’s for each model, lower rollers for each model, airbags, pistons, lead wires, and solenoid valves. IMV America is not only stocking consumable parts, but also parts such as armatures for most models currently at customer sites in America, and each different Power Module model.

IMV America’s competition usually takes 4-6 weeks to get an armature or power module repaired and returned to the customer. IMV America will now be able to get these parts, which often take a while to ship and repair, to the customers site the day they contact IMV America, as well as all the consumable parts. Service can then be performed by a professional IMV service engineer within 3 days’ time.

In charge of the spare parts center is Service Engineer Stephen Najor Jr. Regarding the decision to open the spare parts center, Stephen said that “I am very excited to be able to provide customers with parts at such an accelerated rate. Already, customers appreciate the fact that we can provide parts and service to them the very same day that they have an issue. It is refreshing for them to have a shaker manufacturer show that they don’t forget about the customer as soon as they sell a machine.”

IMV America opening the spare parts center in Detroit is unprecedented for a shaker manufacturer. The amount of care and attention IMV America puts into their customers after the  point of sale is sure to be noticed when a customer inevitably needs a part to resume their testing. IMV already stands out among the competition. With the addition of the stock parts center in the heart of where testing business is conducted, they will continue to do so.

■Facility Summary

Name:IMV America Spare Parts Center

Location:Detroit, Michigan

Approx. Size:150 sq ft

Since from:July 10, 2019