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Long Duration Vibration Monitoring System(HM-0013)

Structure Health Monitoring System

Long Duration Vibration Monitoring System

3 axis simultaneous measurement of earthquake waveform or low frequency vibration

Cost-effective measuring unit for structural health monitoring. Usable for a wide range of applications,
including fine earthquake measurement or tilt detection. Not limited to structure monitoring.


High precision long period vibration measurement capability

Operation verification at low frequency 0.04 by AIST* has proven that HM-0013 can detect the long-ground motion accurately.
*AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.


High precision micro motion measurement capability

Because microtremor down of 0.1 gal is measurable, it is also used for evaluation of floor vibration in addition to earthquake monitoring


Versatile monitoring functions

  • Data save memory for power failure

    Recording for seismic motion must survive even on blackout. To meet this requirement, HM-0013 carries the memory with no limitation on writing time number which won’ t be lost in power failure.

  • RS485 Modbus communication

    In case of HM-0013 connected in series, being supplied power provided by the host, up to 4 pcs connection within total 80 m is possible. By using power junction box between connections, it can extend the cable length and increase the number of connecting units. Even if the specially prepared host is not available, you can establish your system as you like refering the data map provided by IMV.

    RS485 Modbus通信
  • Synchronization designated line

    Synchronization in multi-point measurement is very important and HM-0013 is designed for those analysis is easily carried out. Complete synchronization is possible since the each unit secures designated line for synchronization. Synchronization for all measured data is secured with simultaneous AD conversion in each axis.

  • Self-check function

    Operation check from HM-0013 internal sensor to output function. For example, it checks if the unit is correctly operated from remote place once in a day

  • Host loss recovery function

    After the condition is set and the measurement starts, even the connection to the host is shut down, single unit of HM-0013 continues the normal operation as long as the power is secured.

  • Thin dedicated cable

    Can be operated with external diameter 5 mm cable (φ5). Easy installation with smaller restriction (connector φ13)

Function to reduce installation work

  • Protection grade IP67

    It is designed with a waterproof and dustproof protection and can be used outside safely.

  • Impact resistance 1000G

    Having the high level impact resistance.
    The robust structure drastically reduce break accident in installation construction.

  • Compact

    Size has been significantly scaled down compared to a servo type acceleration sensor which had been generally used as a low frequency vibration measurement. Flexibility at installation site is improved.

  • CE marking

    High security and noise resistance has passed Europe standard.


System composition

Smart display unit TM-0013-HM

スマートディスプレイユニット TM-0013

HM-0013 units are connected up to four units and those high spec sensors can be operated with 7 inch touch panel. It carries a waveform measurement function with time reservation or a seismic measurement function, corresponding to mailing notification by Ethernet.

USB converter UC-0013

USB変換器 UC-0013

The device to convert to USB connector for connecting HM-0013 to PC or designated gateway GW-0013. It has alarm relay / external trigger switch forcing HM-0013 to record the data.

Designated gateway GW-0013

専用ゲートウェイ GW-0013

It is a IoT unit capable of remote control and data collection. Measurement data can be viewed from any kind of terminal (PC or smartphone etc.) through internet connection browser by connecting to cloud server with 3G data communication or Ethernet.

Power junction box RP-0013

電源中継BOX RP-0013

Located at middle of connection, cable extension and unit addition is possible.

Connection cable length


By using Power Junction Box RP-0013, technically speaking, there is no limitation for cable length. Please contact us for length and system quantity. When the number of unit increase, it may limit some part of functions.

Case Study

To regard concreate structures such as building or public and infrastructures such as bridges or tunnels as person, just like health diagnosis, measuring condition of those structures is called structure health monitoring.

One of various diagnosis method, health monitoring with vibrometers has been paid attention to evaluate deterioration of aging buildings or bridges.

Purpose: Understand the scour of bridge pier (Japan MLIT, SIP project)

Joint study with Prof. Kawai from Osaka City University to conduct health monitoring of bridge. It is adopted as one of them in SIP (strategic innovation creation program) by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Research content

To measure vibration or inclination of a bridge pier, understand the condition of score at lower part of foundation work.

  • *Scouring can be defined as a process due to which the particles of the soil or rock around the periphery of the abutment or pier of the highway bridge spanning over a water body, gets eroded. It may cause overturning of bridge pier or dike break, so need to be monitored by an inspector when it is big rain.
  • Measurement scene Vibration monitoring at Yoshino river in Shikoku area

    This study is conducted by “SIP infrastructure management and technology” Council for Science, Technology and Innovation.


    Purpose: Health monitoring of building structure

    Research content

    Kumamoto great earthquake occurred in April 16th, 2016 was detected at IMV headquarter building. Taking advantage of high performance of HM-0013, the function which can smoothly evaluate postearthquake damage is now developed.

    This measurement is carried with Osaka city innovation creation support subsidy. Development of structure monitoring system

    • Seismic intensity distribution map
      • 震度分布図
      • 5階に設置したHM-0013加速波形 5階に設置したHM-0013加速度FFT結果
    • Seismic intensity display
    • Post earthquake damage evaluation
    • Displacement path
    • Joint research

      Tokyo Denki University, Executive vise president Mr. Satoshi Fujita
      Nara Women’s University Faculty of Human Life and Environment, Mr. Atsuo Takino

    Outline Drawings
    *Include Imperial measurements

    Unit: mm

    • HM-0013

    • UC-0013

    • TM-0013-HM