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Seismic Monitoring System (SW-52EX / SW-52ST / SW-7033)


Seismic Monitoring System

(SW-52EX / SW-52ST / SW-7033)

Uses high resolution servo accelerometer which can detect microearthquakes

This is an seismic monitoring system that employs a high-precision servo-type acceleration sensor to
obtain an alarm output for control during an earthquake.
SW-52EX can be used in gas/dust explosion-proof areas such as petrochemical/hydrogen plants and
manufacturing plants to minimize secondary disasters caused by earthquakes.


Reliable accuracy

  • Built – in servo type accelerometer is also used for detection of micro-tremor. Both indication setting and alarm setting is 1 gal step.

  • 安心の高精度

Dust-proof and waterproof structure

  • It is ideal to install the seismometer on the common foundation to catch the motion of earthquake correctly. IMV seismic monitoring systems adopt IP67 waterproof structure which is able to be installed outside or dusty environments.

  • 防塵防水構造

Available to large-scale earthquake monitoring

  • The peak of motion in any direction can be surely captured by vector composition of the accelerations detected by the accelerometers arranged in three directions. The measurable acceleration range up to 5000 gal prepare against the large-scale earthquake.

  • 大規模地震にも対応

Flame-proof structure * Only SW-52EX

The container is constructed to withstand the pressure when explosive gas explosion occurs and not to catch fire.

Standard communication method

RS-485(ModBus)is adopted.

System Composition


SW-52ST uses a servo acceleration sensor, and SW-7033 uses a MEMS acceleration sensor.
By adopting a MEMS acceleration sensor, the SW-7033 is cheaper than the SW-52ST.

Flame-proof / dust-ignition-proof specification (SW-52EX)

Certification Ex db IIB+H2 T6 Gb (IECEx, ATEX)
Ex d IIB+H2 T6 Gb (TIIS)
Ex tb IIIC T120℃ Db (IECEx, ATEX,TIIS)
Certification No. IECEx DEK 16.0004X
Compliance standard IECEx IEC 60079-0:2011
IEC 60079-1:2014-06
IEC 60079-31:2013
ATEX EN 60079-0:2012+A11
EN 60079-1:2014
EN 60079-31:2014
TIIS Explosion-protected electrical installations in general industries

Classification of explosive gas

Explosion-proof performance display

Temperature class:T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6

450℃ ≧ T1 > 300℃ 300℃ ≧ T2 > 200℃ 200℃ ≧ T3 > 135℃ 135℃ ≧ T4 > 100℃ 100℃ ≧ T5 > 85℃ 85℃ ≧ T6
ⅡA NH3, CO, C2H6,
C7H8, C3H8, CH4
C2H6O, C4H10O,
C4H10, C5H8O2,

C6H14, gasoline,
Kerosene, C5H12
C2H4O, C3H9N
Ethyl nitrite
Coal gas
Ethyl acrylate,
C2H6O, C6H12,
ⅡC H2 C2H2 CS2 C2H5NO3

Main explosive gas targeted by this product

Classification of explosive dust (GroupⅢ)

Type of dust Electric resistance Representative materials

Combustible flyers
Size > 500 μm

Textiles such as rayon, cotton, sisal hemp, jute

ⅢB Non-conductive dust
Size ≦ 500 μm
Electric resistance > 103Ωm Powder such as cereal flour, sugar, toner, synthetic resin powder
ⅢC Conductive dust
Size ≦ 500 μm
Electric resistance ≦ 103Ωm Metal powders such as carbon black, aluminum, magnesium

Outline Drawings
*Include Imperial measurements


SW-52EX Outline Drawings

SW-52ST / SW-7033

SW-52ST Outline Drawings

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