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Low Acoustic Noise and Compact Range

(Compact Vibration Test Systems for Transportation Testing)

Easier and more accurate. Ideal for carrying out a wide variety of transportation tests.

Compact, low-noise and 100 V AC, so it can be installed anywhere.

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Small But Capable of a Wide Range of Tests

Max load 100 kg, capable of testing 120 different size classes.
The amplitude is larger than that of the conventional m-series.
Compliant with official standards such as ISO, JIS, ASTM and Amazon transport testing standards.

Reduced Testing Man-Hours

With the launcher software, test files are automatically created. Even for your specified test conditions, they can be easily saved and reproduced, leading to reduced test times.

Install Anywhere

Can be used with a household power supply of 100 V AC. No electrical work or air source is required at any installation location. With a built-in cooling fan, no duct hose is required.

System Composition

System Configuration

Standard Equipment
(Head Expander)

  • vertical auxiliary table

    Head Expander

  • Model Size(mm) Upper frequency(Hz) Mass(kg)
    TBV-500 500 × 500 × t45 500 15

(Slip Table)

  • Slip Table

    Slip Table

  • Model Enabled Size(mm) Upper frequency(Hz) Mass(kg)
    TBH-500 500 × 500 500 28

Head Expander Insert Pattern

Screw Pattern

Table Insert Pattern

Unit: mm

Table Insert Pattern

Outline Drawings
*Include Imperial measurements

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m130LS Outline Drawings
m130LS Outline Drawings

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