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Vibration Measuring System(FAQ)


Want to know the price of the product

We will check the business route and provide you with a quotation.
Contact us via the product inquiry form.

Want a Certificate of Non-Applicability.

How can I see the catalogue?

Download from here.

Want specifications and user manuals.

How long is the warranty period?

Portable vibration meters are one year after leaving the factory, other measuring instruments are two years after leaving the factory.


Not sure where to measure.

The preferred measurement points for condition monitoring are

(1) Areas that are easy to approach.

(2) Locations that are not easily affected by anything other than anomalies.

(3) Locations with high sensitivity to changes in abnormal conditions.

(4) Locations with low signal attenuation or loss due to anomalies.

(5) Locations with good measurement reproducibility.

Want to know the location is measurable.

Please tell us what you need below

  1. purpose of measurement (what type of vibration you wish to measure)
  2. required display/output
  3. desired budget

Card Vibro Air2

What is the difference between Air2 and Air2 Light?

The Apps are different: Air2 is for tablets, Air2 Light is for smartphones.

Who are the distributors of CardVibro Air2?

Are tablets included in the product?

Not included in the standard configuration.
You can select this as an option or provide your own.

Please check the product page for recommended tablets.
Tablets other than those listed have not been tested and operation cannot be guaranteed.

How to obtain and pay for the app

It can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play.

Enter 'Air2' on the search screen.

The app is free of charge.

No contract with a telecom carrier is required except when downloading.

How many hours can I use it for?

Approximately 6 hours of continuous use.

*Air2 is a portable device for patrol monitoring.

How long is the radio communication range possible?

Approx. 10 m.
However, the distance is largely dependent on the wireless environment of the location where it is used.

Can it be used or purchased abroad?

The following areas with radio wave certification can be used.
South Korea
North America (USA and Canada)
Europe (EU member states, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Turkey)
The Philippines

For overseas purchases, please contact us.

Is wired measurement possible?

Yes, it is possible.
Stable measurements are possible even in environments where wireless connection is difficult.

*For stable measurements, the optional USB plug bracket is recommended.
*A commercially available USB host cable is required.

What if wireless communication is not possible?

There are four main causes

  1. tablet (app) malfunction
  2. wireless interference
  3. low Air2 battery power
  4. malfunction of the Air2 itself

We will check the cause. Please contact us.

Battery cannot be recharged.

If the red light keeps blinking repeatedly during USB charging, there is a high possibility of insufficient start-up power due to complete discharge of the built-in battery.

Purchase an eneloop-specific charger and charge the battery.

USB functionality will be restored after charging is complete.

Want to transfer the measured data to PC

With the optional Data Management Software (DB-2012), measurement data can be centrally managed on a PC.

What is the difference between standard and connector types?

Standard type has a vibration sensor built into the terminal.

Connector type can be used by wired connection to optional sensors or sensors from other manufacturers.

Do you sell battery and USB lids?

Yes, please contact your distributor.

*Note: The lid should be removed using a screwdriver and without applying too much force.

The optional software DB-2012/DS-2013Tr does not start.

The causes are as follows.

・Windows OS is no longer supported. (As of August 2020 Guaranteed operating system: Windows 10)

・Installation has not gone well.

・Booting without the authorisation key (USB memory stick).

If the problem persists, please contact us.

Does it work on tablets other than Android?

Card Vibro Air2 is only compatible with Android OS.

It does not work on iOS or Windows tablets.

Optional software DB-2012/DS-2013Tr cannot be synchronised.

The causes are as follows.

  1. USB factors →Is an authorisation USB key plugged in or is the tablet connected as a media device?
  2. Environmental factors →PC specifications, security issues, cable and connector issues.
  3. Configuration factors →Is the database file opened in the PC software incorrect? The correct database file is 'C:\IMV\DB-2012\Master_cvndb1.db'.

If the problem persists, please contact us.

Can the optional software DB-2012/DS-2013Tr be communicated with other than USB?

No other communication is supported except for USB communication.


Not sure which model number to choose

Please see the function table on the product page.

Who are the distributors of SmartVibro?

Can OA values and FFT data be recorded?

Unfortunately, SmartVibro only saves waveform data.
OA values and FFT data are not supported for storage.

Is it possible to replace the sensor with another model?

It is not compatible with the replacement of sensor of different models. (Connectors are also different).


Where should it be installed?

The ground is stable and the ground surface is flat.
The depth of the foundation should be at least 30 cm.
Avoid locations where people pass by frequently or are normally exposed to vibrations.

How many meters can the cable be extended?

Depends on the type of sensor used.

How to switch off the seismograph

Turn off the power toggle inside the seismometer.

If using the built-in uninterruptible power supply battery, wait 5-10 minutes.

How is seismic data recorded and output?


By using the optional Maintenance Software (DS-7274), history and waveform CSV data can be downloaded via serial connection to a PC.

TM-0013-SW & SW-52ST

Seismic information is recorded in CSV data on the built-in memory card.

What if the seismograph does not start?

Please check the following.

If none of the problems are found, please contact us using the product inquiry form.

・The SW-54/SW-52ST connector is not firmly inserted.

・The SW-54/SW-52ST is incorrectly wired.

・The slide switch on the main board inside the SW-54/SW-52ST is set to [HOST].

・The optional external display (ED-74) is energised before the SW-54/SW-52ST is energised.

Horizontal accuracy during installation

For horizontal accuracy, mount on a flat surface within 5 °.

Cardinal directions need not be a concern, but should be fitted if seismic waveform recording analysis is being considered.

Is it possible to change the set value?

Settings can be changed either by panel operation using a processing unit with touch screen or by PC communication using optional maintenance software.

How to output historical data?

Printers and PC output using maintenance software are available.

Note: Printer and maintenance software are optional items.

Internal clock is incorrectly timed.

The performance of the seismograph's internal clock is about 6 seconds per day difference.

If the error becomes large, correct it using the touch panel operation.

Automatic correction by inputting a time calibration signal is also possible.

Inspection, Calibration and Repair

Request an inspection

■ Inspections will be carried out at the IMV factory.

● Details
・Inspection/étalonnage/contrôle du fonctionnement/étalonnage dynamique complet après vérification du fonctionnement
・Submission of reports and test results
・Traceability chart/calibration certificate are issued on request
   *An official quotation will be provided if repair or replacement of consumable goods are needed.

Contact/Delivery address

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