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Vibration measuring systems


For recording valuable vibration data

Various vibration sensors and voltage signals can be connected, and the analytical calculations necessary for vibration diagnosis are processed internally. The processed results are saved as CSV format files inside the device, and can be catalogued and graphed in the cloud.


Vibration analysis by edge computing

Simultaneous measurement and recording of waveforms, FFT, and OA (trend) at arbitrary intervals

Supports various sensor inputs

Vibration measurement by external trigger/time reservation

Various communication such as WiFi / Ethernet is available

IMV format file generation (CSV text format data array)

Product summary

Supports various sensor

In addition to the general acceleration sensor for rotating machinery (VP-100M), it also supports the sensor for low-speed rotating machinery (VP-8013) and voltage input, and can capture parameters other than vibration.

Data storage suitable for diagnosis

Acceleration, velocity, displacement, and envelope acceleration Peak/rms values are periodically saved to a file.FFT and acceleration waveforms are also sampled at a maximum sampling rate of 51.2 kHz to record detailed data.

Easy data access

Uses Windows®10 IoT Core as the OS*.
Folders and files in Lambda Vibro can be accessed from the same network. The file is in CSV format, so you can check the data directly. *VM-8018 only

Option:Database software DS-8018

Manually captures and organizes data from multiple lambda vibros to support trend management and precise diagnosis.

  • OA

    OA :imvoa
  • FFT

    FFT :imvff
  • Waveform


System composition

System composition

Outward dimension

Unit: mm

Outward dimension

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Software(VM-8018-UT) Download

Software(VM-8018) Download