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Data Acquisition Analysis System Wave Stocker (VM-0330/16)

Vibration measuring systems

Data Acquisition Analysis System Wave Stocker

For waveform data acquisition and analysis

By simultaneous sampling measurement of up to 16 channels, data collection and judgement is possible.
It can be widely used for site measurement, monitoring and developmental study.


High-speed simultaneous sampling of up to 16 channels is possible.

Real-time display of vibration waveforms and FFT

Continuous recording is possible.


Waveform acquisition

  • Waveforms of up to 16 channels are displayed and data observation (as waveform only, FFT only, waveform plus FFT) is possible during measurement is proceeding. You can operate various setup, halt and stop etc. instinctively just like a home video recorder.

  • 波形取込Functions

Analysis function

  • Data is saved as text files after various analysis such as inter-channel calculation, filtering, waveform edit, FFT (spectrum) analysis, differentiation, integration, and DC removal etc.

  • 解析Functions

display screen

  • 輸送振動時刻歴波形画面
  • 掃引特性(元波形)画面
  • 共振特性(スウィープ表示)画面

System Composition

Data aquisition and analysis system (Wave Stocker) is composed of Simultaneous sampling unit (VM-0330R/16), Charge amplifier (VM-1980/3) and Data record software (DS-0330).


  • VM-0330/16

    VM-0330/16 Specifications
  • VM-1980/3

    VM-1980/3 Specifications