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Portable Vibrometer (VM-4431)

Vibration measuring systems

Portable Vibrometer

Compliant with ISO vibration assessment standard “10816-3: 2009”.

It includes a decision function based on ISO vibration evaluation criteria. Anyone can easily diagnose the problem at the touch of a button.


Compact size

The size of a smartphone so it can be measured with one hand.



Simply place the sensor on the equipment to be diagnosed and press the button.
The large buttons and the large screen, which is easy to read even in dark places, improve operability.
Both hands can be used by fixing it with the optional wall-hanging magnet.
You can also wear earphones to listen to sound while taking measurements.

  • 操作イメージ
  • 操作イメージ

    Wall-hanging magnet

ISO evaluation standards

The icons ‘Good’, ‘Satisfactory’, ‘Alert’ and ‘Danger’ make it easy for beginners to understand the criteria.

What is ISO vibration severity?

It is widely used to determine the overall condition of rotating equipment installations. The current ISO standard 10816-3: 2009 describes absolute determination values for speed rms.
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  • Motor

  • Machine tools


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